viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

My favorite place in Santiago

Hi everyone, today I´m going to talk about to my favorite place in Santiago: Leerté. It is a tea shop, localized in Bellas Artes neighborhood, in Santo Domingo street with Miraflores.

I really like this humble place because is perfect to read and get a conversation with someone while we drink a cup a coffe or-the specially of the house-tea and eat a delicious cake had been make it with natural ingredients.

The variety of tea is very abundant; since black tea to tea with flavored fruit. And the price is very cheap; with 3500 chilean pesos ( like seven dollars) I can buy a teapot and a big sandwich.
The most interesting of this place is that is a bookstore too. The customer can buy books of independent editorial, and exchanged books.

Leerté is a really nice place because have so many details and de decoration is like a vintage. All the teapots have a beauty design, and the salt shaker have shape of little ghost.

Also in Leerté sells things to decorate the home and cute bags. A place very complete to the people that like to take a walk in the park, the reading and the conversation at the tea time.

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

My favorite picture

Well, i`m going to talk about my favorite picture…is difficult because i think that so many famous pictures are important to the history, for example this picture:
It was don`t magic

But, i wanna tell you the story about the principal photograph on this post. I took this photograph in july or august of this year, in Alameda with Paseo Ahumada close to Universidad de Chile station. I was making a work to the university, when suddenly this guy seen my camera and he ask me if I can take him some photograph. I had say yes immediately because I like know new people in daily
situations. He had broken the circle of silence that separates us daily, and he made glad my afternoon.

Technically it is not a good photo; It is unfocused and the background is really bad. But, this person-he don`t tell me his name-is a interesting character who lives in Santiago Centre. Who walking fast with a smile in his face, and  moving his handbag. And i think that he look like a diva.

I really like this pic because show that the people can be nice with everyone, and get out from the routine.

A freak and lovely family: The Tenenbaums

Hi everyone, today i´m going to talk about my favorite movie: The Royal Tenenbaums (2001). This is a american movie directed by the genius Wes Anderson. The topic of this movie is the family.

After 20 years Royal O’reilly Tenenbaum try to come back with his family after being in bankruptcy. For that he invents that he has stomach cancer and come back to his ex wife’s house with his already older children: Richie, Chas and his adopted daughter Margot. They return to their mother’s house after face their nowadays problems.
In the past they were geniuses children: Margot was playwright, Riche was a famous tennis player and Chas a successful businessman.

I like the movie for a lot of reasons; one of them is the aesthetics that Wes Anderson uses in the movie. The symmetry on each plane it seems harmonic to me to show the objects. Also I like the presence of vintage objects with Dadaism distribution on the film and the omnipresent narration that create a context on each important moment and in the flashbacks.

On the other hand the soundtrack selection in the film is very well done and all the bands are to my taste. In a scene they used “These days” from Nico my favorite song. 

I think that what stand out in the film is that each character is self-destructive, eccentric and somehow they have to face their personal problems finding the solution in the same family that didn’t join for 20 years.  

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

I can't live without music!

Hi everyone! Today i´m going to talk about a topic that I love because is very important to humanity: music. I can´t have a day without some song or melody. 

In general i hear music of everything, absolutely all possible styles; since reggaetón (old school, of course) to Tchaikovski. But my life was very rocker because my environment is like that. When I was a child my dad listen Queen, Kansas and Led Zeppelin. 

Then, I built my own musical way, defining me with some styles, especially in my adolescence when I was die-hard Guns and Roses fan. JAJAJAJAJA (Today I think this band is average). Now I’m so fascinated with progressive rock, and a band from Las Bahamas, of the 70’s called Exuma. This band mix a carnival music with ballad. Very interesting.

 Also I really like the alternative rock of 70’s. The Velvet Underground is my favorite band from this genre. And the solo work of two members of this band (Lou Reed and Nico) are my favorites. The best album of Reed are Transformmer and Berlin.

Moreover I like Chelsea Girl and Desertshore from Nico. Her music is very depressed and invite to the nostalgic. She was a German model, singer and actress. Her real name is Christha Päffgen, and she die in an accident in 1988. Ironic death considering that she was so junkie and alcoholic. 

My favorites progressive rock bands are King Crimson and Yes, but the best one is definitely Frank Zappa, from the mothers of invention. His Musical composition stuck me a lot. His music is orchestrated and the black voices mix with the saxophones are amazing, and the dynamism of the rhythms too. Frank Zappa also was a cinema director, he died in 1993 and now his son, Dweezil Zappa perpetuated his with a world show “Zappa Plays Zappa”. 

The music is a very important part of my life. Since I wake up to when I go to sleep. 
Now, I think that I start to love Shakira.

P.d: I'm going to the concert of The Rolling Stones next year!!!

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

The pets that i had in my life

Hi everyone! Today i´m going to talk about all the pets that i had in my life.
I miss you Jerundio :c
When I lived in Conchalí, my mother buy seven little chickens in a market at the price of one hundred chilean´pesos. Some dies and because they were devoured for the neighbour´cats. But only one to survive and my older brother decide call it Jerundio. Jerundio was a brave chiken: he fight with the dogs of my street  and attacked at the people who transited over there. He cackled all the mornings to wake us. He die in 2008 at the 8 years old.

Also i had chinese squirrels, a hen and a laboratory mouse. 

In the  autumn  of 2006, Tobi, my dog, came to our house. Her mother was a samoyed and her father was a Dalmatian. He is so spoiled and intelligent.  He know give the "hand" and sit. Actually, Tobi have nine years old and i think that he never going to be a father because my mom doesn't want. He like walk but is difficult to take a walk because is so brave with the other dogs.

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

My favorite piece of technology: "Clocky"

Monday to friday all the people have to wake up very early in the morning because some go to the school, university or work.  For that reason is very important  to be on time in the  places where we study or work. But, sometimes is difficult to wake up on time.  Since two years ago exist “Clocky” to solve this daily problem.

Clocky is an alarm that get away from you when start making the alarm noise, so, clocky force you to wake up on time. Thanks to Clocky you will never come to late againg
You can´t buy  it in Chile yet, because it´s only in Mexico and USA.  I hope it comes to South America soon.

I think that this alarm is very important because emend bad custom like “five minutes more” and you can  arrived early to your first activity of the day.

My life will change if I have a Clocky beacuse I could come to the first class and can´t lose the contents.

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

The second time of 2015

so many things to do...
Second semester is more short than the first, but in this i have more subjects...Well, i have seven subjects: Classics of communication, The problem of knowledge,  analysis of audiovisual image, photography, english (the most funny subject), report and  globalization, copper and new Chilean economy. This last is an extracurricular subject and i took it because i think that is good learn about the relations  of the mundial and national economy and see how this affect in to the history and the configuration of the culture and life of the countrys, specifically in Chile.

Also, I participating in the creation of a new channel by streaming way  in the Institute of communication and image. I am responsible for a program, because i created. This program called Chile in 30 minutes and it is a late about the social and political topics.  

In this semester  i hope aprovee all my subjects with good marks and the Chile in 30 minutes can be a successulf tv show.